Name Change

Name Change

The best time to change your name is during divorce, as the process is much easier and cheaper. However, many women do not want to do so for various reasons, mostly due to the fact that their minor children will have a different last name from them. However, a person can change his or her name at any stage of their life. A person can desire to change their name for a number of reasons and there is no rule requiring a particular reason for a name change.

Adult name change

For an adult to change their name, he or she will be required to submit to a background check and certify that they are not trying to change their name to “escape” from creditors. With a help of an attorney the name change process is relative quick and easy. After the judge approves the name change request, the certified copy of the final judgment of a name change is presented to all the government agencies to officially change your name in all the important documents, like social security card, passport, and driver’s license.

Name change for a minor child

Changing a name of a minor child (any individual under 18 years old) is a little more complicated and requires consent of both parents and showing that such name change is in the best interest of the minor child. If the child has had the same name for many years and all of a sudden one of the parents wants to drastically alter the child’s name, the judge might reject that request, citing that such name change is not in the best interest of the minor child, and if the child desires to be known by another name he or she will change their name when they reach the age of majority. In the state of Florida there has been some helpful case law from Appellate courts allowing a name change for transgender children.

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