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Usually, on this page you would see a long, resume-like list of educational and professional accomplishments, but instead, I want you to know who I am as a person. Hiring an attorney during a divorce or any other family law related proceeding is like inviting a stranger into your home, when your family is most vulnerable. Hopefully, by reading a little bit about me, I will no longer be a stranger to you (if you are interested in reading my resume you can find it here).

Being a child of a divorce, I had to split my high school time between Seattle, Washington and Chicago, Illinois. During this time I worked as a teacher’s assistant in a day care center, a Best Buy cashier, and a real estate firm receptionist. I never shied away from hard work, always wanted to stay busy and expose myself to different experiences.

After high school, I attended Loyola University Chicago, where I majored in Psychology and minored in Communication. During my studies, I became fascinated by how a person’s decision-making process is driven by his/her emotions. In exploring possible career options, I worked for a Chicago based law firm of Daley, DeBofsky, and Bryant, where I realized that a good attorney is not just a legal professional, but also a counselor to his/her clients. My husband urged me to take the LSAT and give law school a try. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, where I would get to combine my passion for psychology and love of the law.

To be closer to my family, my husband and I relocated to South Florida where I attended Nova Southeastern University College of Law. I always knew that I wanted to practice family law because my parents’ divorce has left a negative impression of the legal process, which I strive to change. As a law student I participated in the Children and Families Law Clinic where I represented low-income individuals in a variety of family law matters. As a result of the clinical experience I had the opportunity to litigate in court before receiving my bar license. I have also had a coveted opportunity to do an internship for a well-respected, long-standing family law Judge Honorable Renee Goldenberg.

After I graduated with honors (magna cum laude) and at the top 10% of my class, I worked as an associate attorney for a Ft. Lauderdale, civil litigation law firm. At this firm I represented corporations like Citizens Insurance, Volkswagen, and Mercedes and acquired valuable courtroom experience.

I had an opportunity to fully immerse myself into the family law when I worked for an excellent Broward family law firm, which has been in business for over 30 years. During my several years as the associate attorney for the firm, I helped numerous clients navigate complex and emotionally charged divorces, paternity actions, modifications, and other legal proceedings.

During my free time, I love volunteering at my local animal shelter, hanging out on the couch, and watching movies with my husband and rescue dog Lola.

My background in psychology and a modern approach to the practice of law gives me a unique edge to help my clients come up with innovative, outside of the box solutions, while also being cost effective. I do not just look at each case from a legal perspective, but instead I use a global approach, taking into account economical, psychological, and moral aspects. My clients call me their confidant, and they always know that I have their best interests in mind.

I would love to chat with you to see how I can help your case and make your life easier.

"Helena is a thoughtful and genuine person and an incredibly great and knowledgeable attorney. She always has time to answer all of my questions no matter how petty I thought they were and in a timely manner. She fought for me, got through the complicated court system, and made me feel extremely well taken care of. I highly recommend her."

— Don

"I hired Helena about a year ago to represent me in a divorce. It was a messy divorce and she helped me get through it without loosing my mind. Helena is very knowledgeable and patient. She did very well in front of the judge."

— Dmitry

"A coworker recommended Ms. Farber to me, and I hired her to file for a divorce. Even though my husband and I eventually worked it out and the case was dismissed, I wanted to leave a review and note how helpful and encouraging Ms.Farber was through the entire process. She was always available to answer questions."

— Inga

"Attorney Farber represented me in a paternity lawsuit. She worked things out with my ex without even having to go to mediation, saving me lots of money. It has been over a year since we got the parenting plan done and it has been very helpful to see my kids. Thank you once again."

— Alex L

"Helena Farber handled a family law matter for me including relocation and time sharing agreements. Going through family law is very stressful however Helena kept me up to date every step of the way. She was courteous, answered questions no matter how often I asked them, was on top of everything. You could tell she cared about the well being of my children and was a staunch advocate for myself and my family. She is very knowledgeable, gave great legal advice and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a family law lawyer. She continues to be available for questions and concerns even after our case reached settlement. I would not hesitate to hire Helena again."

— Christine

"I wanted to leave my partner but we had joint property and she was not doing well mentally and was hard to reason with. Ms. Farber advised me of my legal rights and gave me several options as to how to proceed. She was very understanding and sensitive with the situation. She returned calls very quickly and followed up with me timely."

— Laura